Index of Composer Abbreviations

Cuba Canta

Encyclopedic Discography of Cuban Music 1925-1960

Cristóbal Díaz-Ayala

To maximize use of data space, more than 300 of the well-known composers were identified by their initials in the index that immediately follows. Since we used initials for composers in the already published first volume of this work (1898-1925), there are some cases in which the initials used in the first volume for a specific composer were given to another composer for this new work. We list the following cases, with the first name being from the first volume, and the second name corresponding to the new work.

AC: Adolfo Colombo - Alvaro Carrillo
AD: Antonio Domini - Abel Domínguez
AO: Adolfo Otero - Armando Oréfiche
AR: Antonio Ma. Romeu o Armando Romeu - Arsenio Rodríguez
AV: Armando Valdés Torres - Abelardo Valdés
BL: Bienvenido León - Belisario López
BV: Blanca Vázquez - Bebo Valdés
CG: Claudio García - Carlos Gardel
ET: Eloisa Trías - Esteban Taronjí
FB: Francisco Bas - Federico Baena
FR: Francisco Robreño - Facundo Rivero
GR: Gustavo Robreño - Gonzalo Roig
JB: José Belén Puig - Julio Brito
JF: José Figarola - Joseíto Fernández
JR: José Manuel Romero - Johnny Rodríguez
LG: Luz Gil - Leopoldo González
LM: Lola Mayorga - Luis Marquetti
MA: Marcelino Arean - Mario Alvarez
MF: Miguel Failde - Mercedita Fernández
MM: Manuel Maury - Miguel Matamoros
ML: M. de Luis - Margarita Lecuona
MR: Miguel Rojas - Mario Recio
MV: Marín Varona - Miguelito Valdés
PC: Pepe del Campo - Pablo Cairo
PJ: Pilar Jiménez - Pedro Junco
RF: R. Fernández - Rolando Fundora
RL: Regino López - Rafael Lay
TR: Tomás Ramos - Tradicional

This change should not be terribly confusing since the periods covered are different, aside from the fact that in the first volume most of the abbreviations refer to performers and not composers. The composers in question are Romeu, Faílde, Puig, Valdés-Torres, Maury, Marín Varona, and López.

All composers with abbreviations are Cuban unless there is a nationality abbreviation in parenthesis after the name. For example: Alvaro Carrillo (me), is from Mexico.

As explained earlier, it's important to note that the initials appearing in the area indicated by (2) on the discographic entry for each performer correspond to other performers related to the principal performer, and whose initials are only used in the column (11) of that specific discographic entry, and not in the rest of the work of the main performer. In our prrevious example, where the performer is the group called Grupo Afrocubano Lulu-Yonkori de Rodríguez Zayas, one of the singers of the band, Carlos Embale, appears with the initials CE, which is used in Column (11), and listed exclusively for the instances in which Embale sang with this group. For this specific use of initials used for different main performers there is no index compiled, because they are being used for a specific performer or performing group. The initials CE, when they are being used for a composer correspond to Claudio Estrada, and they will be used in Column (10), each time a performer is using a composition written by Claudio Estrada, and those initials can be found among the list of composers.

In the case of names of composers that appear in the primary sources (discs, record covers), or secondary sources (record label archives, catalogues), we have included them. But when composer names were not available, we have used the General Index of Composers of the FM. In addition, we have used books called "Cancioneros" (Compilation Song Books) which contain lists of songs with their composer and lyrics. Such is the case, for example, with the Cancionero by Carmencita Delgado de Rizo, Ediciones Gamma, Third Edition, Bogotá, Colombia, the Cancionero Mexicano published by Editores Mexicanos Unidos, 2nd Edition, Mexico, 1982, 4 Vols., and many others.

Even then, we have found instances where composers cannot be identified; or others where there is doubt, because a song with the same title might have two different sets of lyrics. In still other cases we have ammended incorrect information about composer information which has appeared on some recordings.

We must also warn users that on occasions we have not employed the established abbreviations to identify the more than 300 composers on the abbreviation list, and so they appear with their entire names fully written out. It is exceedingly difficult to have complete control when handling so many thousands of compositions.

It is possible that names of Cuban composers that are less well-known were omitted, and also whose compositions might have been recorded by non-Cuban performers outside of Cuba. Again, it is difficult to track so many hundreds of composers.

A further observation on dates is necessary, which we have tried to complete as faithfully as possible. All the recordings in 78 that do not have a date, are traceable when they deal with small recording labels during the period from 1942 to the late fifties.

As explained before, when LP recordings first began, compilations of 78s of a given peformer were made and with those recordings an LP was assembled. With consolidation of LP production, the process was inverted. From an LP, numbers or songs were edited to be released on 78s or 45s, mostly to keep alive the market of victrola owners that existed in the 1950s.

Just to give an idea of that interrelationship, one can see that on some LPs, particularly those released by the "Gema" and "Puchito" labels, we have placed -in some instances- to the left of song titles, numbers that correspond to 78s and 45s issued at the same time as the LPs, for the reason previously stated.

This, of course, usually indicates that these were numbers in high demand by the listening public, or at least that was how the respective recording labels saw it.

AA Arturo Alonso
AB Alfredo Brito
ABo Alberto Boloña
AC Alvaro Carrillo (me)
AD Abel Domínguez (me)
ADa Antar Daly
ADi Aniceto Díaz
ADR Arturo Díaz Rivero
AEO Alfonso Esparza Oteo
AG ó AGu Adolfo Guzmán
AL Agustín Lara (me)
AlD Alberto Domínguez
AM Antonio Matas
AMg Agustín Magaldi (ar)
AMo Antonio Morejón
AMR Antonio María Romeu
AMz Armando Manzanero (me)
ANB Alfredo Núñez de Borbón (me)
AO Armando Oréfiche
AP Arquímedes Pous
AR Arsenio Rodríguez
ARi Agustín Ribot
ARO Arturo R. Ojea
ARu Alberto Ruiz
AS Antonio Sánchez
ASo Alberto Socarrás
AV Abelardo Valdés
AVe Alberto Vera
AVi Alberto Villalón
AVp Armando Valdespí
B Babuco (Tiburcio Hernández)
BC Bobby Collazo
BCa Bobby Capó
BDJ Benito de Jesús (pr)
Bi Bimbi (Máximo Sánchez)
BJG Bienvenido Julián Gutiérrez
BL Belisario López
BM Benny Moré
BV Bebo Valdés
C Cachao
CA Carlos Argentino (ar)
CAN Canario (pr)
CC Calixto Callava
CD Cristóbal Dobal
CE Claudio Estrada (me)
CG Carlos Gardel (ar)
CGo Celina González
ChA Charles Abreu
ChAl Chago Alvarado (pr)
ChBP Cheo Belén Puig
ChM Cheo Marquetti
ChMG Chucho Martínez Gil (me)
ChN Chucho Navarro (me)
ChO Chico O'Farrill
ChP Chano Pozo
CL Calixto Leicea
ClF Claudio Ferrer (pr)
CP Carlos Puebla
CPL César Portillo de la Luz
CR Celina y Reutilio
CRi Carlos Rigual
CRu Candito Ruiz
CS Cuco Sánchez (me)
CV Carmelo Velázquez (me)
CVM Concha Valdés Miranda
CuC Cuates Castillo (me)
D Davilita (pr)
DC Domingo Corbacho
DF Don Felo (pr)
DPP Dámaso Pérez Prado
DR Derechos Reservados
DS Daniel Santos (pr)
EaL Ernestina Lecuona
EB Emiliano Blez
EBo Enrique Bonne
EBy Enrique Bryon
EC Eutimio Casamor
ED Eusebio Delfín
EDa Eduardo Davidson
EDu Ernesto Duarte
EEV Emma Elena Valdelamar (me)
EG Eliseo Grenet
EGC Enrique González Castillo
EJ Enrique Jorrín
EL Ernesto Lecuona
ELa Evelio Lareda
EP Enrique Peña
ER Electo Rosell
ERo Evelio Rodríguez
ES Eduardo Saborit
ESD Enrique Santos Discépolo (ar)
ESe Estanislao Serviá
ESF Eduardo Sánchez de Fuentes
ET Esteban Taronjí (pr)
EV Ernesto Vázquez
FA Fernando Anckermann
FB Federico Baena (me)
FBC Felix B. Caignet
FBe Felo Bergaza
FC Félix Cárdenas
FCh Félix Chappottin
FD Frank Domínguez
FF Francisco Fellové
FG Felix González
FM Fernando Mulens
FNC Felipe Neri Cabrera
FR Facundo Rivero
FRe Félix Reina
FRep Francisco Repilado
FVL Felipe Valdés Leal (me)
GC Guty Cárdenas (me)
GCa Guillermo Castillo
GCu Gonzalo Curiel (me)
GD Gelasio Deliz
GG Graciano Gómez
GM Gerardo Martínez
GR Gonzalo Roig
GRF Guillermo Rodríguez Fiffe
GRo Gonzalo Roig
GRu Gabriel Ruiz (me)
GSG Gustavo Sánchez Galarraga
GU Gilberto Urquiza
GV Gilberto Valdés
HA Hilario Ariza
HC Hermenegildo Cárdenas
HJ Humberto Jauma
Hnos.R Hermanos Rigual
IC Isolina Carrillo
IF Iván Fernández
IP Ignacio Piñeiro
IV Ignacio Villa
JA Jorge Anckermann
JAM José Antonio Méndez
JAP José Antonio Pinares
JAr Juan Arrondo
JB Julio Brito
JBa Justi Barreto
JBL Julio Blanco Leonard
JBT Juan Bruno Tarraza
JC Julio Cueva
JCF José Claro Fumero
JCFo Julio César Fonseca
JCM José Carbó Menéndez
JCs José Casamor
JCu José Curbelo
JDM Jorge del Moral (me)
JDQ José Dolores Quiñones
JF Joseito Fernández
JFa José Fajardo
JFi Julián Fiallo
JG Julio Gutiérrez
JGG José González Giralt
JGu Jesús Guerra
JM Juan Márquez
JMa Jorge Masón
JMC Juan Morell Campos (pr)
JMM José Manuel Mateo (dom)
JMV José Marín Varona
JP Jaime Prats
JPa Juan Pagés
JPM Juan Pablo Miranda
JR Johnny Rodríguez (pr)
JRS José Ramón Sánchez
JSM José Sabre Marroquín (me)
JU José Urfé
JV Javier Vázquez
JZ Jorge Zamora
LA Luis Arcaraz (me)
LB Lorenzo Barcelata (me)
LCR Luis Casas Romero
LD Luis Demetrio (me)
LF Lino Frías
LG Leopoldo González (es)
LHi Lorenzo Hierrezuelo
LK Luis Kalaf (rd)
LM Luis Marquetti
LMG Luis Martínez Grillán
LP Luis Plá
LR Luis Reyes
LU Leopoldo Ulloa
LV Leocadio Vizcarrondo (pr)
LY Luis Yáñez
M Machito
MA Mario Alvarez
MAP Miguel Angel Pozo (Clavelito)
MAV Miguel Angel Valladares (me)
MaV Marta Valdés
MC Manuel Corona
MCo Miguel Companioni
MCl Mario Clavel (ar)
MDJ Mario de Jesús (do)
MF Mercedita Fernández
MFP Mario Fernández Porta
MG Marcelino Guerra
MGr María Grever
MiS Mirta Silva (pr)
MiV Miguelito Valdés
ML Margarita Lecuona
MLu Manuel Luna
MM Miguel Matamoros
MMa Manuel Maury
MMe Mariano Mercerón
MMo Mariano Mores (ar)
MPJ Manuel "Pulguita" Jiménez (pr)
MPr Miguel Prado (me)
MPS Miguel Puertas Salgado
MR Mario Recio
MRA Mario Ruiz Armengol (me)
MRC Manuel Roque Carbajo (me)
MRi Mario Rigual
MRo Miguel Román
MS Moisés Simmons
MSi Martín Silveira
MTV María Teresa Vera
MV Miguelito Valdés
NE Noel Estrada (pr)
NG Neno González
NGA Nené González Allué
NGu Nicolás Guillén
NM Nilo Menéndez
NMi Néstor Mili
NN Nelson Novarro
NR Niño Rivera
ÑC Ñico Cevedo
ÑR Ñico Rojas
ÑS Ñico Saquito
OA Osvaldo Alburquerque
OC Oscar Calle
ODR Orlando de la Rosa
OE Osvaldo Estivil
OF Osvaldo Farrés
OG Ofelia Guevara
OH Oscar Hernández
OL Orestes López
OM Obdulio Morales
OP Otilio Portal
OS Orestes Santos
PA Plácido Acevedo
PB Patricio Ballagas
PC Pablo Cairo
PD Pepé Delgado
PF Pedro Flores (pr)
PG Pedro Guida
PH Pedro Hernández
PJ Pedro Junco
PJz Pedro Jústiz
PLa Pepito Lacomba (pr)
PLV Paquito López Vidal (pr)
PM Pedro Marcano (pr)
PO Pablo O'Farrill
PPPCh Pedro Pablo Pérez Chorot
PR Pedro Ramos
PRi Pituko Rigual
PS Palmenio Salazar
PV Pablo Valenzuela
PVe Pedro Vega
PVi Pedro Vías
PV Polito y Vera
Q,L,Q Quintero, Leon y Quiroga (es)
RB Remberto Becquer
RBS Rafael Blanco Suazo
RC Rafael Cueto
RCa Ramón Cabrera
RCo Roberto Cole (pr)
RCz Rudy Calzado
RD Ricardo Díaz
RDC Rey Díaz Calvet
RE Ramón Espigul
REg Richard Egües
RF Rolando Fundora
RGK Ramiro Gómez Kemp
RGP Ricardo García Perdomo
RH Rafael Hernández (pr)
RHi Reynaldo Hierrezuelo
RL Rafael Lay
RM Rogelio Martínez
RO Rafael Ortiz
RP Rodrigo Pratts
RPu Roberto Puentes
RRe Ricardo Reverón
RRh Rosendo Ruiz hijo (Quevedo)
RRo Rosendo Rosell
RRp Rosendo Ruiz padre
RT René Touzet
SC Silvio Contreras
SDK Sergio de Karlo
SG Sindo Garay
SK Sergio de Karlo
SM Silvestre Méndez
SR Siro Rodríguez
SRa Severino Ramos
SRe Silvia Rexach (pr)
SS Sergio González Siaba
SSu Senén Suárez
TA Tata Alfonso
TC Tomás Corman
TCa Tania Castellanos
TF Tony Ferngo
TH Tito Henríquez (pr)
TM Trini Márquez
TN Tata Nacho (me)
TP Tata Pereira
TPR Tomás Ponce Reyes
TR Tradicional
TT Tony Tejera
VG Virgilio González
VM Victor Marín Hernández
WG Walfrido Guevara
WPL Wilfredo Pío Leiva
XC Xavier Cugat (esp)
Y y G Yañez y Gómez